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Grown Your Own Veggies - Start Planning Now!

Every year I think about how fun it would be to grow a garden with the kids and every year comes and goes with no garden.  In my defense, we did plant corn and watermelon one year in planters.  It was so fun to eat the food we had grown.  So, this is the year!  I'm planning now and using these tips.  And believe me, if I can do it - absolutely anyone can!

Some planting and growing tips from http://www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org

You will want to plant just after the last frost of the season.  It depends on where you live, but is typically in March or April.
Step 1:  Planning
To have that lush garden full of delicious fruits & veggies when summer rolls around, you've got to make sure your seeds have the best possible growing environment.  Some fruits & vegetables (tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes, onions) can be grown in a pretty small space.  Others need several feet to spread out.  Before you plant, decide on how big or small you want your garden to be.  Read the back of the seed packets to learn how much planting space is needed.
2.  Preparation
Now that you have the perfect plan, it's time to get in touch with your garden - literally! Loosen the soil with a garden rake, hoe or shovel.  Ideally, you want to loosen the soil to 12 - 18 inches deep.  Depending on the condition of the soil, you may have to add some water and let it soak in for a day or two.  The soil should be damp, not wet since that can destroy it's structure.
3. Planting
Now you're ready to begin planting.  Different plants require different depths in the soil.  Generally, plant seeds at a depth that is twice their diameter.  You'll find the smallest seeds will be planted just beneath the surface.
If you're still not convinced, think about how likely your kids will be to eat fruits and vegetables that they grew.  That's just one of many reasons to give gardening a try this spring


Happy Cooking!


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The Dish On...

Are you wondering what produce is in season in February? For those who live in a true winter climate, it's hard to imagine anything growing in this frozen weather. But thanks to the warmer climates around us, there are many great fruits and vegetables that are ripe and ready-to-eat right now.
Current Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables include: 
•Brussels Sprouts

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I love not having to stress about dinner!

Betty-Sulphur, La.

I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for making my life so much easier! Your recipes are awesome, I don't stress about dinner anymore!

Andrea - Texas

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Julie - Denver, CO
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