Why Menu for the Week?

  • Savings - Menu For The Week can pay for itself in just 1 week! Whether it saves you and extra trip to the grocery store or you eat at home an extra night instead of going out, you'll save both time and money with our weekly meal plans.
  • Quick, Easy Recipes - Cooking times and step-by-step directions are easy to follow for the beginner or experienced cook. Each recipe takes only 30 minutes or less of active prep time.
  • Family Tested- All recipes are tested by our own family for taste and ease of preparation. Only those recipes that get a thumbs up from everyone make it into our recipe collection.
  • Kid Friendly - Our recipes are simple and delicious without relying on too much spice or unusual flavors. Our meals appeal to children's sensitive taste buds and adults alike.
  • Meal Variety - Your family won't get into a rut with our extensive (and growing) collection of recipes. Each weekly menu generally includes 2 beef recipes, 2 chicken recipes, and 1 pork or meatless recipe. One of these is always a crock pot recipe.
  • Healthy Choices - With our weekly meal plans your family will tend to eat at home more so you'll know exactly what ingredients go into your food. Our recipes use common ingredients that can be found in any grocery store. We also avoid overly processed food.

The Answer to "What's for dinner?"
The On-Time, On-budget,
Online Dinner Planner

We'll send you a full week of recipes and complete the grocery list. It's emailed directly to you so all you have to do is print the recipes and shopping list. All of the combing through cookbooks to find meals your family will like is done for you! We tell you exactly:

  • What ingredients to buy in a convenient shopping list
  • What meals to cook for the week
  • How to cook each meal in only 30 minutes or less


I love not having to stress about dinner!

Betty-Sulphur, La.

I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for making my life so much easier! Your recipes are awesome, I don't stress about dinner anymore!

Andrea - Texas

We had your chicken enchiladas last night. Yum!

Julie - Denver, CO
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