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If your first reaction is "Eww - Yucky," keep reading.

A plethora of research indicates that, not only are fish oil benefits numerous, some of them are quite extraordinary! The omega - 3 fatty acids found in fish oil are "good fats" that are vital to wellbeing. Here are some proven fish oil benefits that might convince you to eat more oily, wild-caught fish or start taking a quality fish oil supplement if you aren't already.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health & Protects against Heart Attack and Stroke
According to the American Heart Association, fish oil is effective in reducing the incidence of heart disease and helps to reduce risk factors like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Reduces Inflammation/Pain and Promotes Healthy Joints
Omega-3s have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and reduce joint tenderness, pain intensity and morning stiffness caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Supports Mental Focus & Long-Term Cognitive Funcion
Studies show that omega-3s may help in maintaining adequate cognitive functioning and possibly in preventing or delaying the onset of dementia.

Supports Positive Mood & Emotional
In countries where fish makes up a large part of the diet, national rates of depression are lower. So, it's not surprising that studies have found that fish oil supplements can alleviate the symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder and psychosis.

Promotes Optimal Fat Metabolism
According to the National Institutes of Health, omega-3's trigger "I'm full" signals to the brain and help quash hunger signals.

You can actually find fish oil supplements that are quite tasty. I tried a mango flavored one just the other day that was outright delicious and not "yucky" at all.

Source: www.fishoilblog.com

Happy Cooking!


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The Dish On...

Good Sources of Omega-3s!!

What foods provide omega-3 fatty acids?

Excellent Sources:
Flax seeds

Very Good Sources:

Good Sources:
Collard greens
Winter squash

Source: www.whfoods.com


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